Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I Love Thursday // 5.23.13

  • Our new tree swing--fun for the whole family! 
  • Kirkland's Pacific Roast coffee pods. Just as delicious as the Starbuck's French Roast (but less than half the price!).
  • Thanks to my friend Jillian, I'm wasting so much time enjoying Thug Kitchen. - Do not open the link if you have little readers looking over your shoulder. I really look forward to trying some of these recipes too--they are all legitimate. 
  • Spending time with family. 
  • This article written in response to another blog post shaming mothers at parks who have their cell phones out.
  • Block & Grinder. I have had the pleasure of dining at this butcher counter/retail wine shop/ restaurant on two occasions already and I can't wait to go back (already). Pictured below are just a few highlights (Deviled Eggs, Pork Belly on corn bread pancakes, Sharon Amity & Providence burger) 
  • The peel and stick chalkboard sheets I just got for our kitchen to help me organize our schedules. I had a great system in Oregon--that just couldn't find a "home" here in the new house. These chalkboards have been a great tool. 
  • The chocolate-dipped soft serve at Mr. K's
  • And finally, Zach Sobiech's grace. Invest 22 minutes of your life to be reminded to live it well.

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